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Media Accountability and Effective Protest: Murdoch, Fairfax, ABC et al.

March 23, 2013

Are you interested in raising an effective protest or challenge to the behaviour of the media in Australia? If so, please leave your comments/ideas and contact details here.

I would like to take part in any sensible campaign that might be able to make a difference. Perhaps we could get a discussion going that might lead somewhere.

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  1. cornlegend permalink

    glad to take part in any activities/campaigns.
    The MSM are accountable to no one.
    The Press Council is a useless waste of space.
    If anyone has any suggestions for a campaign, count me in

    • Thanks Cornlegend. Let’s see who pops up with ideas. In the meantime, I’ll have a look, at Selton’s suggestion, at – don’t know much about them, although I seem to remember signing a petition or two of theirs.

  2. Linda Dom permalink

    Kate, count me in.
    What do you have in mind?
    I had planned on boycotting reading MSM but decided against it and am now a serial comment offender on Fairfax. With the purposeful intent to make others aware of their ability to shape our minds re the 24/7 news cycle and political opinion “pieces”.
    Even go to Limited News and sometimes yet rarely get published.
    Interesting this week re the David Ettridge press release published on IA, tried numerous times to post even a hint regarding it on The Age comments, denied of course by moderator.
    Given Trevor Kennedy is named as a co defendant in the Trust Fund case and also a recent buyer of shares with the Singo syndicate, not surprised. No time for Hanson but certainly an Abbott/Lib conspiracy.
    I post on Fairfax as “A country gal”- told you I was a serial offender. Feel it my social duty and I do have a fair bit of spare time.
    News LTD etc I use a diff moniker.
    Anyway good on you, hope this takes off!
    All the best.

    • Hi Linda,

      Thanks for that, and for the detail, too. It all helps. I thought I’d look into the possibility of today and see what might be done with them. Otherwise, any ideas you might have about useful action would be most welcome. I liked Selton’s suggestion on IA about an approach to the advertisers with a view to a boycott. but it doesn’t have to be just one line of attack.

      Let’s give it a day or two, then I’ll email everyone/anyone who has responded, and perhaps publish the email here and we can take it from there. In the meantime, I’ll put in as much time as I can in the next couple or three days on the internet sites that I know about and start leaving invitations Unfortunately, although I was a journalist for some years, it was a long time ago, and I’m an absolute duffer about all this internet stuff, so any hints or suggestions will be a huge help.

      On behalf of all of us who are worried about this situation, thank you for all your efforts.


    • silkworm permalink

      If anyone has any problem getting their comments up on MSM sites, and this includes ABC’s The Drum, may I suggest saving a copy to a file before you post so we have a record of what they reject. Then we could have a site dedicated to featuring rejected comments.

      Kate, may I suggest you put up a Donate button for this site in the same manner as IA has done for theirs. I would certainly donate to this site.

      • Hi Silkworm,

        Yes, this is a wonderful plan – so let’s open a Reject page. As for the Donate button, I don’t think we can do anything like that at this stage. We’d need all the formality of membership and directors and secretaries and stuff. Right now we’re just a bunch of people pooling ideas and supporting each other towards a plan of action which will probably happen on several fronts, if the responses here are anything to go by. We may never actually ‘formalize’at all. That will depend on what people want.

        Anway, thanks for the
        Reject idea – it’s a beauty.


      • Catalyst permalink

        Turn left 2013 is suggesting a collaberative blog to counter media bias- it migth be worth a look

      • Thanks for this info Catalyst. I’ll have a look this evening. There’s been plenty going on today that really could have done with some activity from all of us including a great article in by Bernard Keane and Glenn Dyer rebutting a Telegraph article which claims that Australia is desperately in debt. So if some of our commentators could leave comments on Crikey (It’s an unlocked article, bless ’em) would be great. I’ve had a silly busy day today, so not much achieved on Fair Media front. I have, though, snaffled a blogsite which is called It was the best I could do, but there’s still a chance we might get – there was a problem on the wordpress website that wouldn’t allow me to complete the transaction. They’re looking into it. So if the matter doesn’t resolve itself tomorrow, we’ll have to go with the one we’ve been able to get.

        A bit later … I’ve had a look at the Turn Left 2013 site – yes, they’re certainly concerning themselves with fair media – good on ’em. We’ll link to them, of course, but it’d be good if someone could come up with a blogsite on the other side of politics that’s also interested in the issue of media accountability. Also had a look at Independent Australia where Dr. Klaas Woldring is also taking on the Murdoch Press and their attitude to the PM. Some good stuff about the true level of Australia’s debt compared with other countries – couldn’t be further from the Telegraph’s article today.


      • Tinfoilhatter permalink

        Great idea. I’m up for anything to get the word out.

  3. Lawriejay permalink

    Good luck Kate! I’ve made my personal protest by action over the past 3 years I’ve gone from buying 9 newspapers per week then to none now. I recently cancelled FOXTEL by advising then that I was no longer prepared to pay for the privilege of listening to likes of PVO Paul Kelly David Spears Kenny Murray Piers and the dispicable GRAHAM FREDERICK RICHARDSON.

    • Hi Lawriejay,

      Thanks for your response. It’s great to hear about individuals like you and cornlegend and Linda making their little ‘stands’ – not always easy to do. Cancelling your newspapers and Foxtel and deciding to live without the pleasures that these have given you is an inspiration. These little sacrifices might seem insignificant in the great big scheme of things, but many mickles make a muckle, and if an effective campaign can be launched, it will be made of many mickles.

      I’m relatively new and not very good at any of this internet stuff (yet), so any hints or bits of info on how to work this social media machinery would be greatly appreciated.

      Thanks again,


      P.S. There are now more than a hundred ‘views’ since bedtime last night. Still only 3 willing participants, but it’s early days.

  4. Catalyst permalink

    MArgo Kingston was a journalist and now blogs at Australians for Honest politics- its a good place to look at. She’s as frustrated as the rest of us by the MSM. I have written ( not emailed) to the Indies re Media, as well as the minister Stephen Conroy and the PM. Over a couple of years and got standard departmental replies. There are many people despairing over the MSM and the take over of the ABC- who if you complian to them are always perfcetly satisfied with themselves..ACMA is useless – as is the Press Council.
    Why should the unelected media tell us what to do? They are in breach of their own supposed standards of balance and impartiality.
    A press regiulator should have teeth- by the way its interesting to know who is married to who, related to who or who has politicla links etc but we never get that- and its all info rwhich tells us who they are and what they stand for.
    For example Karl Stephanovic reportedly got an interest free house loan from Alan Jones- Chris Uhleman is married to a Albor Mp ( not that you’d know from his comments.

    • Dear Catlyst.

      Thank you for your support, and for the detail you have supplied. Like most Australians, I lack the knowledge I need to be effective in opposing the power of the media to mislead me, lie to me and generally manipulate me, so all info is gratefully received. I need not only information about what’s going on in politics and the media, but information on how to work effectively on the internet. For instance, I know next to nothng about how to operate this blogsite. How, for instance, can I keep our commentators au fait with what’s going on here without emailing each and every one at regular intervals? Can anyone help with that? Anyway, all contributions gratefully received.

      As for the attempts you mention at trying to contact MPs, yes, this is most discouraging. Still, I think real responses can be achieved from at least some pollies. Last year, when the Tasmanian Upper House was about to debate and vote on the Same Sex Marriage Bill, I wrote a sort of ‘form’ letter that I sent to each of the six members who had not yet declared their allegiance. One of those members responded, and we had a most interesting few emails back and forth. The only other time I’ve ever approached a pollie was when Justice Rares brought down his findings in the Ashby/Slipper case. Although I believed that Mr Slipper had been more than a bit foolish in some respects, I was nauseated by the attitude of the mainstream media. I emailed Peter Slipper, and he replied – there was a short exchange of emails. So, it can be done. I think the trick is to write most carefully – don’t allow yourself to become hysterical; be reasonable, rational and polite; stick to the issues etc.; run your email past a couple of like-minded people if you can; check for errors in grammar and spelling. There is no substitute for a finely-crafted piece of writing. The tone of so many comments on internet sites is not an appropriate tone for the job of emailing politicians.

      Anyway, keep an eye on what’s going on here. I’ll update at the end of each day if I possibly can. By the way, as I’m writing this there have been 170 visitors since about midnight last night, so there is plenty of interest out there.



  5. Ronald Ostrowski permalink


    I have been doing my bit through animation. Allow me to give you my U tube links. There have been over a hundred hits for each of these so far, some from overseas.

    Keep up the good work. Long live the Australian Fifth Estate!

    Best wishes


    • Hi Ron,

      These are so clever! Well done. Let’s hope you get some follow-up from here.


    • orangefox permalink

      This type of satire can entertain and influence the lazy. Just what is needed in this country. I will post the link on some other sites I visit.

    • silkworm permalink

      Well done, Ron. Your videos provide the information that you used a programme called Go Animate, which allows others to commit their own ideas to animation. Youtube is such a powerful medium.

  6. Gutful. permalink is the way to go.They get thousands of signatures on Facebook for different causes.Im sure if the Gen Ys are really informed on Rupert Murdochs and Tony Abbotts threat to the NBN theyll sign in droves its just getting the message out there. It is up to us the people to do something about the media well done for having a crack.Murdoch a total threat to our Democracy. How did Obama do it ?? Apparently through social media.. Now with fairfax and ABC gone to hell whats left ??

    • Thanks Lynda,

      I’m sorry, I seem to have lost your comment for a little while there, but I’ve got it now. Yes, seems a real possibility. I haven’t had a chance to have a good look yet, but will try to get there before the end of the day. I’ll make a fresh post here before bedtime tonight.
      I’m a newbie to this technology, I’m afraid, but learning, and willing to learn. As for Obama, does anyone know the mechanics of how he did it?

      Thanks again, Lynda, and as Barak would say, WE CAN.

  7. Selton permalink

    I would like to put my Name foward ,what I would like to do is get a block of people to inandate the Advertisers of News Limited ,Nine Network,Ten Network,SBS ,and say we want more accountabilty and in the coming Election we want an even handed approach to the coverage of all Parties..

    • orangefox permalink

      Good idea to boycott businesses that advertise with these rags. Although I have been doing this for a while, I now relise that it only means something if they know they are beeing boycotted.
      So that means it is important that EACH person that boycotts a bussiness, lets them know by letter or email that they are boycotting them.

  8. Selton permalink

    Make a list of their Advertisers,I will do that I post on this site ,but on an individual basis as well as block ,let’s do it ,also go on the FB pages of those morning shows and say the public is fed up and if we dont see a change then we will be targeting their Advertisers,do the same to them as was done to Alan Jones

    • Hi Selton,

      Great to see you here. You really got me interested last night with your comment on the Independent Australia website, with an actual, doable, practical suggestion. So I’m delighted that you have turned up here. Yes, the Alan Jones instance was quite a hit. I’m not much of a radio person at the moment myself – circumstances don’t permit, but perhaps in the next couple of days we can gather enough people with knowledge and familiarity in different ‘corners’ of the media so that we could get into rough groups to take on some feasability studies and begin to follow up some of the ideas people have. For instance, Selton, you could convene a ‘commercial radio’ group if that’s what suits you best.

      Anyway, let’s see what other people have to say in the next little while, and keep in touch with each other. I’ve been trying to email to each of you individually, but that’s not going to be possible from now on, as the response is beginning to gather pace. Good on us!


  9. Selton permalink

    Thanks for reading my post Kate on IA……like to hear people read other post

  10. It’s a pleasure, Selton. You’re obviously deeply interested in the problem and prepared to do more than just bemoan the situation. What do you think about convening a sort of sub-species of interested and willing folk to follow up on either commercial radio or any other area you think you could really get stuck into? Getting more deeply involved in a particular aspect of a campaign needn’t mean that you couldn’t have input all over the place – it would just mean that your energies, attention and expertise would be focussed on one particular aspect of the whole.

    Anyway, let’s keep our minds open for a couple of days and have a good look at the way people are responding and the suggestions they have to make


  11. GBF permalink

    Thank you for the opportunity to lodge a protest on media standards.
    I believe that the MSM/ABC have not followed the basics of journalism, by reporting opinion as fact. That the media coverage of Policy by a democratically elected Government is not factual. Economic policy and the state of the economy is not factual, they do not report without fear or favour which a the tenant of free speech and the responsibility that is the rider to free speech.
    This amounts to a direct attack on democracy and the deliberate personal attacks, trial by media sensationalism, is unacceptable. The right to reply with equal coverage does not exist and the complaints body are totally compromised in their capacity to investigate and has no capacity to enforce findings.
    Thank you.

    • Thanks, GBF. It’s great to see so many people coming forward with support and ideas. Please keep an eye on things here over the next few days so that you can see where you might best be able to put your signature, or lend support in some other ways. Thanks again,


    • I should have added that what you say is true. You have hit the nail on the head. This is exactly what so many of us are worried about and why.


  12. Selton permalink

    I have gone to some sites to get in formation on who Advertisers where there is no list that I can find,so we may have to do it by watching it, I might stop at doing it on face book because that gives them prior warning ,just a sugestion,I will do anything I can ,

    • Great Selton.

      Yes, it’ll probably be a matter of observation and list-making to get an idea of the advertisers involved in each media outlet. I wonder if there are other people visiting us here who could help you compile a list? If so, they could leave a message for you here with contact details. Could you let us know which particular sites you’re looking at?



  13. Anne Milligan permalink

    I got your comments at IA.
    The is a great place to begin a Petition, where I have signed them. I am a bit too old so maybe a younger person will do the job???
    I will sign anything to get rid of abbott.

    • Good on you, Anne. It’s starting to look like there will indeed be petitions for you to sign. I’m just finding my way through the mine-field of stuff I don’t understand at the moment, as I’m sure a lot of others are, so please be patient with us and keep an eye on what’s happening here during the next few days while we work out some directions and strategies for action. i definitely like the idea of, which has been recommended by you and a few others, but I don’t know much about it yet, so give me a day or two on that.

      Best wishes, and thanks for your support.


  14. cornlegend permalink

    Good start Kate,
    remember the old song ” from little things big things grow’
    Keep fighting,
    We CAN win !!

    • Thanks cornlegend. I’m quite bowled over by the response, so thanks for helping to get me motivated, along with all the other commentators here. By the way, we now have 270 views since I posted my little plea close to midnight last night.


  15. Heather permalink

    Barry Tucker suggested forming a comprehensive web site pulling together all the great social media blogs (on the progressive side of politics) and where people could submit articles etc. and read a range of views (it would need moderators though on a voluntary basis).
    I think some people would be willing to lend some free time to contributing and moderating.

    Needs web page developers and other volunteers.

    • Hi, Heather.

      Thanks for this suggestion re Barry Tucker’s idea. I’m afraid I’d be useless on the technical side, but I’m a former journalist and not a bad copy editor, if that would be of any use. Perhaps there are people looking at all these comments and ideas today who do have the skills that you mention and who would be glad to come forward to help Barry with his project. Would you rather that they contact you here, or directly through your email?

      Thanks again,


    • orangefox permalink

      Good Idea. At the moment it’s a bit hard to know where all the sites are.

    • silkworm permalink

      I also came here from IA. haven’t had time to go through many of them, but I’ll get around to it. I noted one of the posters has some youtube videos up, critical of Abbott. There have to be plenty of these out there. Perhaps, similar to Barry Tucker’s suggestion of a central site for gathering progressive social media and blogs, this site, or another site, could function as a clearinghouse for youtuve videos and other material, e.g., anti-Abbott cartoons, that readers could then post on their facebook page, so as to get it out to their friends. Getup has something similar arranged, where they post short items, such as pictures withb telling captions, that members can easily post to their Facebook pages.

      • Hi Silworm,

        Yes, the website seems like a great idea. There are lots of ideas from yesterday to follow up today, so I’ll concentrate on that and make a new post later in the day. So far we’ve had 380 visitors during the last 24 hours. That’s quite astounding, so let’s strike while the iron’s hot.


  16. Selton permalink

    Mabe the list has been deleted after the 2GB experience,makes it a little hard but worthwile for those who beleive a win is achievable, so get involved dont sit on your hands

    • Yes, indeedy, let’s not sit on our hands. Selton, do you think you could set out in some detail what you feel needs to be done to get your list of advertisers on the various commercial stations? That way people who might be able to help will have a clearer idea of what’s wanted. For instance, which outlets would you like to concentrate on, or at least begin with? I’m guessing you’re in Sydney, so you’ll be working on Sydney-based media. If you wanted to come up with a shortish list of key stations, maybe we could organise a sort of media watch. If, for instance, there were three key commercial stations and we could find a group of people who could commit to listening and/or recording for however many hours a day, we could glean info about advertisers and also about news broadcasts, talk back etc. Perhaps we could have something useful within a week. Who knows?

  17. Selton permalink

    I have sent a message to the people that organised the boycott of 2GB ,to see how they organised with effect,also with what I have said before about fairness in the Media ,we should have a list of Demands that should be adhered to when we have people being interveiwed the likes of which happen on the Seven Network on friday when we have Brian Bourke and Joe Hockey,If they are talking Policy matters they only discuss what their Party will do or what their Parties Policy is, and they also should invite the other Parties as well to comment,if they cant attend they have made the offer,this would stop the slanging match that appears everytime we have them on ,also we have seen reporters making outrages statments of facts when in an hour or so the complete oppisite is said when nobody is watching usually after 9AM, Alex Hart does this alot from canberra..

  18. Selton permalink

    They should also explain how their policy will be of benefit to Australia as a whole,

  19. orangefox permalink

    Hi Kate,
    I am happy to get involved.
    I have been boycotting businesses I don’t agree with for years. Such as I wouldn’t see the film’ Avitor’ as it was financed by Murdoch with his. company making the profits. Strange though that the film was against much of what businesses such as Murdoch’s do.
    Then there was the owner of Hungry Jacks who backed Gina’s bid for a seat at Fairfax.
    If you need help with blogging I think you should contact ad astra at the ‘political sword’. He has been running his blog site for ages and I. sure he would help.
    This good be a killer.
    We should organise small protest groups in front of Murdoch owned media offices all over the country. And at the same time hand out flyers directing people to the internet sites that real news information can be obtained.

    • Hi orangefox. Thanks for all the info – it’s much appreciated. You make a powerful point about boycotting when you say that it only works when organisations know they’re being boycotted and why. I’ll definitely throw myself at the feet of ad astra as you suggest. Also, thanks for getting behind Ron. He’s put in a tremendous effort and you could be of real use to him and to all of us if his work could get the exposure it deserves.

      You raise other great points. I was planning to leave a post here at bedtime tonight drawing together all of today’s threads and ideas, but the response has been so wonderful, that I’ll probably not be able to get that together until tomorrow. My apologies to all our commentators, but there’s so much to do and so many leads to follow up. In the meantime, perhaps we’ll hear from people who would like to join with you to follow up on your suggestions about small demos etc.

      For now, congrats and thanks for making the kinds of stands you have been making as an individual – inspiration for us all. I hope you’ll get some support here from people who’d like to join you to follow through on your ideas. In fact, I hope you get inundated.

      I agree with you – This could be a killer!


  20. cornlegend permalink

    Kate I think I may have mentioned these sites at IA,
    but here are the links anyhow.
    A great place for original poety , good chatter, good articles truthseeker

    • Yes, I’ve been thinking all day that we need a list of ‘compatible’ sites that people can link to. I’m not sure of the logistics, but it needs to be done – perhaps with a little bit of info about each one. These that you have given us will be great to start with along with a few others that people have offered during the day. Thanks. Also thanks for the little poem. Did you write It? Yep, let’s wax lyrical.

      By the way everyone, at this stage we’ve had 340 visits to this discussion since my bedtime post towards midnight last night. Not bad for a bunch of amateurs, eh?

      Cheers, Kate

    • silkworm permalink

      thefinnigans has quite a few useful postcard-type pamphlets that activists can be print out, and post them on noticeboards, place them within newspapers that people read on trains, leave on tables in cafes, etc. Perhaps we can have a page dedicated to printable pamphlets and postcards, and whatever other formats people can think up.

  21. cornlegend permalink

    just a little taste from truthseeker.
    Everyone likes a good poem,
    Tony Abbott’s the great white hope

    The man who would be King

    But Rupert Murdoch’s one of those

    Whose pulling Abbotts string

    He calls the tune through his media

    As he tells them what to say

    To get his boy elected

    And to get his big pay day

  22. Selton permalink

    The Advertiers I would consider to hold the most sway would be the big spenders , but that should not hold you back,if they Advertise then they have to take what comes….

    • You’re right, Selton. We want the biggest bang for our buck. But first, which stations in Sydney would you suggest we target? Perhaps there are other people who would like to do something similar in Melbourne and/or other centers.

  23. Selton permalink

    AS of tomorrow morning I will take note of who is Advertising of Seven Network, if someone can do a list on Nine Network that would be good

    • Great, Selton. You won’t be able to keep a good eye on it all day, without going barmy, so maybe someone can offer to do some of the hours for you. It would be really super if we could get a list of the advertisers and also some info about the news services and current affairs. Who are they interviewing, etc.? Can anyone help Selton? Anyone for the 9 network? If you’re left on your own with this, don’t worry, just concentrate on starting a list of the advertisers as your first priority.

      • silkworm permalink

        There is already a group that does this work –

      • Silkworm, you’re a mine of information. I just followed your link and had a quick look at Media Monitors. They’re a commercial outfit, but they do look useful. We can link to them on the new webpage unless there are serious objections. I don’t see why we can’t do as you suggested in your previous comment – a printable page would be terrific.


  24. Selton permalink

    The wording has to be right as well,

  25. kate – newsstand ( was one of the organisations pushing for media reform that lead to the Finkelstein enquiry – maybe you should contact them. They have thousands of people on their mailing list. Getup originally recommended people to newstand, so contacting Getup to get e petition going might also be a good place to start.


    • Thanks for this, Steve. I did think of Getup! initially but someone suggested that they might not like to be too ‘political’, so I went off the idea a bit. What I’m hoping to do is to rope in as many ideas and suggestions as possible in the next couple of days, assess the kind of support there is, learn as much as I can about the alternative online media systems and then go for it. Thanks for your referral to newsstand -I’ll definitely follow that up in the next couple of days. In the meantime I still haven’t had a chance to look into the possibilities with

      The interest in media accountability seems to be enormous, and our response here is growing, so it’s going to take some time to follow through on all the wonderful suggestions. In the meantime, though, I’ll add the link you have suggested to the list, and try to get those links all going in an orderly fashion tomorrow. Thanks again to everyone, but please be patient with me – I’m a rank amateur at this internet game, and a bit of a duffer with it.


  26. cornlegend permalink

    the first bit of the little poem was from one of many by Truthseeker

    A proudly Left site.
    well worth a visit

    • Sorry, cornlegend, I thought I’d left you a response, but seem to have whoopsed it. Yes, I’d love to have a look at truthseeker, and hopefully add him to our list of links to compatible sites. This is all so exciting and challenging and scary, too. A whole new world is opening up – a sort of parallel universe where folks like you and me can make a difference. It’s going to seem to you and many of our commentators that I’m deadly slow on the uptake, but I’ll get there along with all of those others who are all at sea with the new media, but still want to make a difference.

      Your enthusiasm is infectious, and your superior expertise essential – you and all those other afficianandos who have been so helpful last night and today. Thank you all,


  27. Selton permalink

    Im doing one now watching the Football but my wife likes to surf the Channels

    • Good on you, Selton. At this stage, if you can just keep a log of ads would be good. It would be awful to wear you out at the outset! I’m still hoping others will offer to help you. If not, perhaps you and your wife could spend a day on each of the channels. We can aim for perfection, of course, but we might just have to go with whatever we can gather together.

      Happy viewing,


  28. Selton permalink

    My wife says I am like a dog with a bone .I like a good fight

  29. cornlegend permalink

    just read this item on IA.
    very interesting point.
    I think it may be worthwhile if we all emailed Christopher Pyne, and asked him to “please explain”

    Catalyst says:
    24 March, 2013 at 6:18 pm
    I dont know when anyone else noticed Christopher Pyne stated something about a new challenge in 71 days. So I thought – what’s with 71 days? I counted out the days to 71 days and landed on July 3rd. I then checked the Federal parliament sitting days – both houses rise 27th June 2013. They will be on holiday from then and on July 3rd ( a Wednesday). So what is the significance of 71 days? An imaginary date , or simply he hasn’t got a clue like the rest of his colleagues? I’m astounded that no media outlet or journo has checked it and picked that up.

    • Yes, I saw a part of Insiders this morning, and bits and pieces of other stuff during the day, and so I think I know what you’re referring to. By the bye, I was truly disappointed, as I so often am these days, that so many opportunities for challenge went by on the programme (Insiders) today. Never mind – to the chase. Catalyst has shown her interest here on this site this morning, and she’s on the ball with this observation. We don’t know the answer to her query, and we might never know, but it’s weird enough for any dinkydi journalist to have called him on it. I’d like to swan off for a bit now, and have a look at what’s happening on IA. I’m way behindhand.

      In the meantime, yes, an email assault on Pyne would make sense, but a little decorum, please, everyone. Abuse is not the answer. Reason, reasonableness, good old common sense etc. Let’s not blow it. Catalyst and cornlegend have done us proud with this alert. I just Googled ‘Christopher Pyne contact’. I haven’t got the leisure to follow all the Google info, but the first site that came up for me looked OK. Also the second and third. But it might be best to go to This seems to be the official government email address. If you’re not sure about the content of your email, why not submit it here for comment before you send it off?

      Best wishes all,


      • Catalyst permalink

        Apologies _ to all incluiding Mr Pyne, as I do try and keep to the facts, I inadvertently made a mistake- I had two pages of the calendar stuck together.:( Sorry. So in fact the date is June 3rd – and the house of reps is sitting.

      • Good for you, Catalyst – you noticed something strange, followed it through, made a mistake, admitted it, and now we’re all free to wonder again about the 71 days. You’ve showed us all something about a way forward.


      • Catalyst permalink

        Thanks for that Kate – i feel badly about it.

      • Dear Catalyst,

        Mistakes are great – you don’t see them coming; you recognise their ugly faces when they occur, hopefully; you notice them, and you get on with it, which is what you’ve done here. Good for you, and the question still is, ’71 days?’. Would you consider putting your question into the form of an email to Christopher Pyne? If you’re feeling a bit uncertain, you could write a draft and run it past us.

        Good on you,


  30. Selton permalink

    He probaly went to church and was told the world is going to end the day after

  31. belinda permalink

    I have never cared much about politics before now. But tony abbott will completely destroy any steps we’ve made forwards in environmental protection, so anything i can do, i would love to help. I just don’t know how!

    • Hi Belinda.

      It’s really good to see you and a couple of our other commentators raise the envirnment issue – it is, as Kevin Rudd has so famously acknowledged, the greatest issue of our time. (Please forgive my lazy misquote.)

      You’re right, and we need to establish and assert, not an alternative agenda, but the ONLY relevant agenda. But let’s get keen on first things firat – which is media accountability. Without this, we are worthless, voiceless, condemned. Governements will come and go, and the planet might as well give up right now, and die peacefully in its sleep.

      I think that all our commentators thank you for your support. Could you let us know something about your skills? Any other interests, contacts that might help?

      Thanks again for bringing us back to the very biggest issue,


      • Tinfoilhatter permalink

        Hi Kate (and others here),

        Everyone knows that the MSM and big corporations are the beast. But each of us has something close to the heart. Researching concrete, succinct information in different areas that can be exposed as being blatantly misrepresented by the MSM in the past – or where the MSM have allowed the opposition and LNP to avoid scrutiny over really important issues – are small packets of information that people can digest. I think that it is important to use resonant language and for some people that is the environment, refugees (an honorable mention to MarilynS, but I doubt she would be anything but poison to the government), Gonski Reforms, the NDIS or the NBN. Let the online pamphlets and cartoons begin.

        For me it is – ‘SAVE OUR NBN!!’. SYMMETRICAL (real time) vs asymmetrical (lagged) information streaming – link to IA Nick Ross article. Goldmine of info. Poor bugger, he got in trouble for exposing the tin can & string coalition plan.

        I feel a bit sad (but relieved) that we are taking up a cause that the government has failed to.

        Time is probably shorter than we think. Abbott & co want to try to dissolve the government in May……probably because after the last budget reply (the dog ate my homework) they have nothing to present except austerity measures and want the Slipper issue (and the possible detonation) off the agenda.

        Probably need to target the Independents thanking them for the great reforms so far and also for their stability and continued confidence in the government. Let them then know that we expect them to not cave in to dummy spitting malcontents, that have, by their announcement of a no confidence motion in May, put at risk our whole way of life by adding to the instability that they have cultured and spread like a virus. Psychopaths. (Don’t put that in the letter!!)

        As an aside, congratulate those Independent members that wanted tougher media reforms and give them the link to the ‘rejected by moderator’ posts link if and when it goes ahead. Yes, they do represent their constituents, but they also in the words of Mr Abbott ‘have a responsibility to the Australian people’, or words to that effect.They are not fools and we shouldn’t be taken for fools either. Let them know we are aware of the Goebbels style mind massage going on (hurry up Truth seeker!) and that we are collectively aware of the manipulation going on.

        I have just joined the Labor party and will be doing everything within my capacity to turn this around. If I can do anything to help, please let me know. Best of luck to all and let us spread OUR words.

      • Wow, Tinfoilhatter. A lot to chew upon, and all very sound and sensible. I agree that the Independents are key. I also agree that the NBN is vital in all this. Please forgive the brevity of this response – I’m trying to get a new post together ASAP, but time is flying by.


  32. cornlegend permalink

    Catalyst, we all make mistakes.
    I should have checked it too.
    Never mind The LNP are just one big mistake.
    I already sent it to Pyne.
    I did call him a “very deceptive, and not particularly honest individual.”
    I will send him an apology.
    stating dates may be wrong but my sentiment for him has not.
    “If he was to be honest, name the “alleged” Labor leakers.

    • Catalyst permalink

      Thanks for your understanding- I felt gutted when I saw the mistake

  33. cornlegend permalink

    I applaud your attitude “but a little decorum, please, everyone. Abuse is not the answer.”
    sorry Kate, no decorum for me
    These are the bunch of bastards,set to kill of NBN, Pollution tax, healthcare, Education, pensions .etc etc.
    There are Court cases to be decided soon, with LNP involvement and fingerprints all over them.
    Likely case against Abbott by former one nationer
    This lot have the one aim of grinding the working class into the ground , Tea Party style, at the behest of Gina, Murdoch,etc
    sorry Kate, no decorum from me.
    I’ll leave you to it.

  34. cornlegend permalink

    Just a reminder of what you’re fighting
    Some Qoutes from Abbott
    Jesus knew that there was a place for everything and it’s not necessarily everyone’s place to come to Australia
    “Tony Abbott on Q and A” on (Monday 5 April, 2010)

    If we’re honest, most of us would accept that a bad boss is a little bit like a bad father or a bad husband … you find that he tends to do more good than harm. He might be a bad boss but at least he’s employing someone while he is in fact a boss.
    “Tony Abbott under fire” on (Tuesday, 2 July , 2002)

    The problem with the Australian practice of abortion is that an objectively grave matter has been reduced to a question of the mother’s convenience.

    I think it would be folly to expect that women will ever dominate or even approach equal representation in a large number of areas simply because their aptitudes, abilities and interests are different for physiological reasons

    I think there does need to be give and take on both sides, and this idea that sex is kind of a woman’s right to absolutely withhold, just as the idea that sex is a man’s right to demand I think they are both they both need to be moderated, so to speak

    I know politicians are going to be judged on everything they say but sometimes in the heat of discussion you go a little bit further than you would if it was an absolutely calm, considered, prepared, scripted remark. The statements that need to be taken absolutely as gospel truth are those carefully prepared scripted remarks.
    Quoted in “Don’t believe everything I say – Tony Abbott” on (18 May 2010

    I am, as you know, hugely unconvinced by the so-called settled science on climate change.
    Quoted in quoted on the “ABC 7.30 Report” (27 July 2009)
    It seems that, notwithstanding the dramatic increases in manmade CO2 emissions over the last decade, the world’s warming has stopped.
    Quoted in “2009 Australia’s second warmest year ever, according to Bureau of Meteorology figures” in the Herald Sun (5 January 2010)
    There is much to be said for an emissions trading scheme. It was, after all, the mechanism for emission reduction ultimately chosen by the Howard government.
    Quoted in in the speech “A Realist’s Approach to Climate Change” (27 July 2009)
    I won’t be rushing out to get my daughters vaccinated [for cervical cancer], maybe that’s because I’m a cruel, callow, callous, heartless bastard but, look, I won’t be
    Quoted in “I could be seen as ‘cruel’ on Gardasil: Abbott” in the Australian (09 November 2006
    I think I would say to my daughters if they were to ask me this question… it [their virginity] is the greatest gift that you can give someone, the ultimate gift of giving and don’t give it to someone lightly, that’s what I would say.
    Quoted in “The Monk might make sense” (28 Jan 2010)
    It would be folly to expect that women would ever approach equal representation in a large number of areas simply because their aptitudes, their abilities and interests are different for physiological reasons
    Quoted in “Tony Abbott in ‘dark ages’ on women” by : Jenny Macklin in the Australian (16 March 2010)
    There may not be a great job for [aboriginal people] but whatever there is, they just have to do it… And if it’s picking up rubbish around the community, it just has to be done.”
    Quoted in “Aboriginal people must get jobs, says Opposition leader Tony Abbott” in the Australian (30 June 2010

    more rantings on Wikiquotes

    • cornlegend, you are indeed a legend. Thanks so much for this stuff. We all thank you. Let’s use it.

      I’m wilting towards bedtime,


    • silkworm permalink

      These quotes are great, but what would be even more useful is to find videos of Abbott spouting his BS, which can then be analysed and commented on. Videos capture the average Joe’s attention much more than the printed word. I know the Q&A quote is from video, so maybe this is a good place to start with the video critiques. Youtube does gather together similarly themed videos, so going to one video and following the links can lead to some interesting places.

      • Yes, Silkworm. A video page, perhaps? Meanwhile, I’ve just received this message from Getup!
        Trigger Warning: Sexual abuse, victim blaming, assault, childhood abuse, rape

        Dear Kate,

        Talkback radio misogyny reached new lows late last week when 2SM radio host John Laws asked a caller whether the sexual abuse she’d suffered throughout her childhood was “her fault”. He even went so far as questioning whether she was “provocative” at the tender age of six. No child “provokes” sexual abuse.

        John Laws’ comments are absolutely reprehensible and – despite a fierce eruption of anger on blogs and social media – his “apology” was far from adequate. Instead, he was back on air on Friday telling those complaining to “go to hell.” He even again suggested it was the victim’s fault “if she allowed it to happen”.

        We can’t allow incidences like this to continue. In this case, John Laws was dead wrong and unbelievably insensitive. If we let him and the 2SM station managers and owners continue without addressing the serious nature of this kind of talk we’re sending a message to all Australians that victim blaming and shaming is OK in this country.

        Click here to sign the petition we’ve put together with our friends at Destroy the Joint, calling for John Laws to apologise and for management to address the need for education.

        I’ll be honest with you: a campaign like this will typically create an initial surge of rage, but too often dies out as the media cycle moves on.

        As Clementine Ford wrote on Friday, “the news cycle works so rapidly that today’s furious tweets are tomorrow’s distant ephemera. It’s what allows the industry to keep men who offend, men who belittle, men who bully, in their comfortable seats behind their powerful microphones.”

        We’re working with our friends over at Destroy the Joint – the women’s social media movement that erupted in response to Alan Jones’s comments about women in leadership last year – to deliver your petition in a way that 2SM management and the media can’t ignore. But that change starts with you. Don’t let John Laws move into the next media cycle without feeling the consequences of last week’s vile comments. Now is our chance to come together to build a society where victim blaming is no longer tolerated.

        Sign the petition here to hold John Laws to account for his victim blaming:

        Whether it takes a week, a month or a year – we cannot allow people who blame the victims of sexual abuse and sexual assault to continue to make their revolting comments on air with no fear of consequences, or any idea about what their words mean to the millions of Australians who have suffered sexual abuse.

        With hope,

        Erin, for the GetUp team.

        P.S. People power has the opportunity to create a scandal so big for radio station 2SM that they’ll rethink ever allowing victim blaming to occur again on their airwaves. 2SM management and the Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) have the power to put Laws in his place. But as of this weekend it’s clear neither have the intention of doing much about this. According to ACMA they have received about eight emailed complaints, which they have referred to the radio station, 2SM. We need both 2SM and ACMA to feel the pressure and take appropriate action. Write to 2SM and submit a formal complaint to ACMA here:

        If John Laws’ comments have been traumatic for you and you would like support, please call the sexual abuse survivor’s hotline on: 1800 737 732
        GetUp is an independent, not-for-profit community campaigning group. We use new technology to empower Australians to have their say on important national issues. We receive no political party or government funding, and every campaign we run is entirely supported by voluntary donations. If you’d like to contribute to help fund GetUp’s work, please donate now! If you have trouble with any links in this email, please go directly to To unsubscribe from GetUp, please click here. Authorised by Sam Mclean, Level 2, 104 Commonwealth Street, Surry Hills NSW 2010.

  35. Gutfull permalink

    Just sent the lovely Pyne a message simple too what has he planned to improve public education once he becomes education minister which apparently is going to happen according to the MSM so i would like yo know what his plans are ?? Maybe too simple a ? No one seems to ask ? He on insiders today not one education ? Is he opposition education minister sorry if im confused ?? He doesnt seem to k ow much about education correct me if im wrong ??

    • Hi Gutful.

      No, you’re not essentially wrong – not wrong at all, in fact. But what we need to do here is whatever we can do to make the Australian Media accountable, that’s what this modest little bit of activity on this blogsite is all about. We all have our pet reasons for wanting change.I have my own pet reasons, just like you do, but media accountability is what this particular activity is about, first and foremost. Let’s get focussed on this accountability before we start fighting our own corners.

      You’re on the money, though, to ask him what he intends to do when/if he gets to be Minister. What precisely? Why? How does he propose to fund it? Why is he better than Gonski? For example….

      • silkworm permalink

        Perhaps it is worth writing to or emailing Barrie Cassidy to ask him to interrogate Pyne on his education plans the next time he has him on Insiders.

  36. go get them kate, someone has to hold the media and shock jocks to account they print nothing but lies ,and spread nothing but hate,we have not heard a word from any of them regarding the ashby/slipper cases ,i am a bit long in the tooth to get too involved,but i will certainally boycot all advertised products,

  37. Neen permalink

    This is great:) I am just appalled by the lack of professional journalism in mainstream Australia and the unfairness is mind boggling! I think is a great idea along with newsstand on Facebook.

  38. Neen permalink

    just another thought to start a facebook cause page ….something like Fair Media…

    • I’m sorry guys. I need to sleep now. I’ll try to address all concerns after a good sleep and a couple of appointments in the morning that I need to keep. I’ll be back on deck about midday tomorrow, my time. Meanwhile, please let’s discuss stuff amongst ourselves, by whichever means, and come back fresh tomorrow.

      Nighnight. Kate

    • Hi Neen,
      Yes, that’s a great title. We’ll need a new address first, and I’m hoping that a new blogsite with a title like the one you suggest would fit the bill. Or does it have to be something more elaborate? I’m hoping not, because we could open a new blogsite in the next day or so, with the minimum of technical knowhow, and direct people there from this site.


  39. Selton permalink

    This morning I have started a FB page on who is Advertising on Australian Free to Air Television,I will shortly be putting who is Advertising on The Seven Network, They are owned by Seven West Media Limited ,when you go to your FB page if you have it and in search write Media Accountabilty it should be the first one

    • Hi Selton,

      I’m not au fait, as you are, with all the tech talk. I’m guessing that FB means feedback. The FB page you’re talking about, is that on this site or on Seven West Media? We don’t seem to have feedback on this site, but for now you could just post any info as you have been doing, and we could open a Boycott Page for you and others who would like to get on with a boycott campaign. Would that work?

      It would be good if those of us who are particularly savvy could be a little bit patient with those, like me, who are not, but are willing to learn. Please have mercy on us poor dodos.

      In the meantime, we’ve been ‘liked’ by Parenting and Stuff. They think we’re ‘awesome’. You can see them at


  40. Selton permalink

    Sorry Facebook page,should have said,I also contacted The University of New South Wales ,that is where one of the people that started the Boycott were I beleive ,will keep in touch

    • Thanks Selton,

      So I guessed wrong. We will have connection with Facebook, Twitter etc. on the new site.


  41. cornlegend permalink

    with all the crap that went on over the past week,
    The great stuff Julia managed to get through were impressive
    Rodney. E.Lever at IA pointed out Julia’s record for last week.

    even a tiny section of MSM acknowledged it

    4.5 million Australians on pensions and welfare benefits received income boosts of up to $17.60 a week in carbon tax compensation, their ”battlers’ bonus” and the half-yearly pension boost.

    just a sample, read the items,
    good news story !1

    • Thanks for this, cornlegend. We’re doing really well with referring each other to interesting and relevant sites. I followed a link from IA this morning to a site called The ABC Has Gone To Hell and an article by Fairness4media entitled Two Sides of the Same Coin. It’s a ‘must read’. I googled The ABC Has Gone to Hell and got the site with the greatest of ease. I’ve left a comment about us and inviting Fairness4 media to post his piece here as a comment. (I have no idea how to do it myself.) Can anyone else work out how to get the article copied here?

      Thanks again,


      • It’s easier to copy & paste the browser address for the article. It may be long, that’s okay, or you can shorten links with a free service like (copy & paste into, click Shorten, copy & paste result here – easy.)

      • Barry, you are most welcome.

        These couple of remarks are the most I can manage tonight – I’m desperately trying to get a new, and rather detailed post together overnight. I’m trying to draw together the threads of all that has happened here in the last couple of days, and really need to get it done overnight and posted in the morning so that we can go ahead and open a dedicated site within a day or two of that. My thanks to you and the other terrific commentators who have joined us tonight. My apologies too, to anyone else I haven’t had a chance to respond to yet. I’ll get back to each of you with a proper response in the morning – I hope you can bear the wait!

        Thanks again. The support is like life-blood.


  42. cornlegend permalink

    Kate Fairness4media site is down at the moment is also ofline, but can view their cloudfare page

  43. cornlegend permalink

    Just in case readers can’t get to IA to read Rodney E Levers excellent article,
    will put the guts of it here.
    too important to be overlooked
    “Here is a snapshot:

    1.It passed, with the support of the whole parliament, the National Disability Insurance Scheme. This has long been a disturbing issue within the nation but no previous government saw any need for it, while people suffered dreadfully from events that were no fault of their own.
    2.For the first time, Australian workers were given the right to seek more adaptable working arrangements, to negotiate rosters and working hours in conference with their employers and to obtain unpaid parental leave.
    3.The Sex Discrimination Act was extended to reinforce the legal rights of all Australians, irrespective of gender or sexual orientation.
    4.Pensioners and persons on welfare to receive income increases.
    5.Superannuation funds required to allow members to consolidate multiple accounts.
    6.Long delayed establishment of a plan designed to completely eradicate deadly asbestos from the nation, a recognition at last that too much of it has existed for too long in older homes and buildings.
    7.Compulsory licensing of financial advisers and planners. The ripoffs of mum and dad investors is an issue that has irked the nation for many years.
    8.The Electoral Commission is authorised to use Tax Office records to ensure voters are on the national electoral rolls. How many Australians have not bothered to register and share in the obligation to vote?
    9.Legislation to ensure coal seam gas operators carry out environmental impact studies on their use of water, a controversial national issue for landholders.
    10.Legislation to allow gay marriage. Australia has lagged behind other countries in recognising an issue long important to some individuals.
    11.Hazara refugees to be accepted in Australia when their safety in Afghanistan cannot be guaranteed. Hazaras have long been the major victims of internecine brutality within the Afghan nation. A generous and merciful decision following Australia’s deep involvement in Afghanistan.
    12.And, at long last, the emotional distress of mothers and children forcibly separated for adoption in years past was formally recognised by the Gillard government and a national apology expressed by all parties.”
    great stuff by Rodney E Lever
    at Independent Australia

    • Hi cornlegend,

      Thanks for the info about The ABC Has Gone to Hell site. Does Fairness4media have his/her own site? I googled quickly, but didn’t find any independent website for Fairness… Thanks also for the info from IA – yes, this was all newsworthy stuff that happened and got hijacked by the leadership spill.

  44. cornlegend permalink

    another great site

    Today Wixxy analyses the increase in Tax, UNDER ABBOTT
    This is part of the story,
    Company Profit 2012 Extra Tax To Pay Under Coalition
    Commonwealth Bank $7,100,000,000 $71 Million
    Westpac $5,900,000,000 $59 Million
    Woolworths $1,816,700,000 $18.17 Million
    Wesfarmers (Coles, Bunnings) $2,126,000,000 $21.26 Million
    Telstra $3,400,000,000 $34 Million
    Caltex $57,000,000 $570,000
    Origin Energy $980,000,000 $9.8 Million
    If Tony Abbott thinks that a bank will just sit there and cop an increase of $71Million in costs on the chin, then he is more ignorant than I gave him credit for. Call it a hunch but I can see a raft of new charges being imposed on us. In particular the new home buyer will probably be slugged in home loan application costs adding to the cost of a new home, Real Estate Agents will be impressed.
    An energy company with $9.8Million added to their tax bill, I don’t imagine power bills will be going up.
    Probably the scariest of the above figures is the Wesfarmers figure, the thought of a grocery retailer copping an extra $21.26Million tax bill doesn’t make me believe the “Down, Down, Prices are down” line will be around long-term

  45. cornlegend permalink

    sorry, the graph didn’t copy correctly,
    suggest you read the article

  46. silkworm permalink

    Just watching Channel Ten news and on comes an ad for Carnival Cruise Lines. No need to boycott them – their reputation is already at rock bottom. LOL.

  47. Selton permalink

    I have just added a list to Media Accountabilty Facebook Page, this is for the Seven Network only,what I would do is add more as we go,also I think it might be an idea that we only target one Network because all the others will be watching and see what happens;there is also another site that is dealing with stopping Mr Abbott,what we might be albe to do is when this list is completed is to get intouch with that Facebook page and get those people to participate in a phone in email or what everelse we can do to show those Advertisers that we are serious about what we are about,what are your thoughts?

  48. Catalyst permalink

    Try truthinmediaresoorcescentre site- it has a list of journalists contacts critiques etc. Wixxy is very good.

  49. If you want to protest against the international giant News Corp, the worst offender when it comes to news media bias, you can’t afford to pussy foot around. The most crucial election in decades in just a few months away. See:

    We have a problem because the Neoconservative movement (eg: the Tea Party mob or, in Australia, the Liberals) has infiltrated politics, religion, education, news media, big business and set up lobbyists, “think tanks” and other institutions to push their case. This is huge! It’s huge because the prize is huge: control of government, the economy and you. This is what the IPA (often on The Drum) has in mind to re-shape Australia: The IPA has a long history as an arm of the Liberal Party and is financed by big business, including big tobacco and big oil.

    Have the Neocons crippled the trade unions? Why is the printer’s union silent? Urge it to refuse to print biased news. Why does the Transport Workers Union distribute these rubbish newspapers? Ask the TWU, and ask it to help. Likewise with technical unions in commercial radio and TV and ABC/SBS. Try to enlist their help.

    I’d recommend demonstrations, boycotts, letters to advertisers, Social Media awareness campaigns, petitions, complaints to the Press Council, the Media & Arts Alliance (journos union), the Australian Communications & Media Authority (ACMA), the Free-to-Air regulator, phone calls, emails, Tweets, post stories on Facebook, write a blog, make and distribute your own leaflets, talk calmly (armed with facts) to people everywhere but don’t get involved in an argument, it usually ends badly. Do anything you can to force the news media to report fairly, accurately and with balance on the differences between Labor and Liberal policies.

    You probably have a better chance of getting a letter or story published in your local paper than in one of the big metro dailies. Local newspapers are usually desperate for local news. Keep it polite, balanced, fair — but make a point or two.

    My website Action Front for Truth in News Media contains a lot of resources, names of regulatory bodies and contact details for bodies and journos (, stories of media bias and results of complaints. Copy and use anything you find there. Refer people to my stories on The Sniper

    • This is wonderful stuff, Barry. Thanks a million for all the ideas, and especially for your generosity in sharing your materials. I think you’re spot on about the local newspapers. I’ve addressed some of this in a new post that will go up shortly.


    • Linda Dom permalink

      Hey Barry, I did that exact thing very recently. metros rarely print Letter to Editor. But Aprill 22? Abbott sent a big letter to my regional re his “cans and string” plan being not only adequate but the best. penned a huge letter back(took up half the letters page) and was published last week.Yet to see a reply back. Hmm must’ve worked , so far. Worth checking out Rural Press and other regional papers, yes more of a chance. Sadly my electorate is the least marginal in OZ, Mallee. But you’ve got to have a go. Online is the go, but hard copy still gets out there especially rural/regional audience.
      Cheers Linda

  50. sulphurcrested permalink

    hi Kate
    Good on you for starting this site and your obvious hard work and dedication, and attempting it all while on a ‘J’ learning curve with the net, blog sites et al. I empathise, it’s baffling at times.

    I don’t know what I can do yet but when I see something that is possible time and other wise, I’ll put up my hand.

    Heard from someone locally that Malcolm Turnbull is giving a talk tomorrow night in a regional centre near me. I don’t know if this is a one-of or if he is doing a tour of some sort.
    But I felt a bit suspicious. Has he been sent out to woo what is currently a federal Labor seat, and him in particular because there is a community of business men here and professional upwardly mobile’s who are more likely to respond to him than to Abbott?

    Here are a few more links below to add to your growing list. Victoria Rollison writes some particularly good articles at times. As does Miglo at Cafe Whispers, although his current and last one are not as political as they usually are.

  51. JoanG permalink

    How did social media in the U.S get Obama over the line?, he was in similar circumstances, maybe we can get some feedback from there

    • Thanks, Joan. Yes, how did he do it? How can we find out? is anyone free to conduct a websearch on our behalf?


  52. JohnB permalink

    Like many I find it very worrying that the fourth estate in now overwhelmingly “corporatised” in most industrialised nations and being used to circumvent democratic processes with propaganda. in this forum I probably don’t need to elaborate much further as to their aims, but “business as usual” regardless of social/environmental destruction sums it up.
    I think activation of the masses through the on line ‘fifth estate’ is humanities only hope.

    I have been a subscriber to ‘Think Progress’ for several years. In the lead up to the 2013 US presidential election. See:-
    Think Progress ran many regular very informative articles debunking Republican/FoxNews type news articles.
    Daily analysis of mass broadcast and print media articles by the usual mis-informers was undertaken, with false claims being countered with facts and figures, with daily email notification to all subscriber’s of recent additions.
    Joe Romm would be worth talking to; I expect he would be able to provide you with some very helpful hints and strategies from his vast experience in countering MSM propaganda.

    The current Labour government doesn’t seem to be able to present to the public concise information that counters the the many lies and oft repeated ‘waste/mismanagement’ type myths so constantly repeated by MSM and LNP polies. This Goebbel’s like strategy of repeating the “Labour’s inability to manage/budget/organise” mantra is a tactic to stop the government gaining traction in presenting it’s main strengths, it’s real positive achievements – such as avoiding the GFC impacts, School funding, home insulation, ETS etc.
    These false and misleading claims repeated daily in MSM have to be countered to ensure we are not delivered into the hands of ecocidal corporations.

    A skepticalscience type approach to analysis of policy matters and false claims would form a reliable source of factual information. Presentation of relevant auditor general reports on major government programs, with comparative efficiencies of similar programs under other government administrations.

    Might I suggest that an immediate impact may be made through co-ordinated social media, appealing to all anti LNP supporters to refuse to buy Murdoch/Fairfax papers at various periods/times; eg Declare one “No-MSM” protest week each month. If this could be achieved it would send an immediate signal to newspaper proprietor’s that there is resistance “out there”.

    Keep up the good work – will help where I can.

    • Thanks for this, John B’

      I’ll have a look at the site you mention and add it to our list of compatible websites. I’ll also see if I can follow up your suggestion re Joe Romm. I’m afraid there are an awful lot of suggestions to be followed up, but I’m gradually chomping through them.

      There seems to be a lot of interest among our commentators in the idea of effective boycott, and your idea for an MSM boycott is a goodie. Maybe a weekend might be more doable than a whole week? We would, of course, need to let the various media know that we were doing it and why.

      Your remarks about analysis of reports relating to present and former governments is good – the finnegans have got some wonderful usable stats beautifully presented, but if anyone has other stuff that we could use, please let’s have it.


  53. Selton permalink

    We need to tell exactly what we want ,when targeting Advertisers or anybody else we need to define ,so what is it we want

    • You’re right, Selton,
      However, those kinds of letters and emails will need to be very carefully drafted.
      I know you’re dying to get started, so why don’t you cut and paste a rough draft here, or even just some notes in point form of the kinds of points you want to make, and we can take it from there, with lots of help from our commentators. Otherwise, it might be good if we could get the new website happening and make your letter one of our first priorities.

  54. JohnB permalink

    The media boycott day/week could be billed as “We’re not buying it!” or some other/like catchy title. Some bumper/school bag stickers emailed out might catch on.

    Another thought –
    One of the central issues of this election is Abbott’s the ETS / “CarbonTax” abolition pledge.
    The climate change rantings and denialism of The Australian/Bolt/Jones etc will no doubt be in full flight.
    It would raise the profile of our “reality” campaign if we could get a visit from Bill McKibben (of or Al Gore. No harm in asking – they may enjoy participating in such a worthwhile campaign.

    • Wow! Big ideas, John B. I really like your catchcry, ‘We’re not buying it’ – brilliant. I’m not sure whether, without funds, we can do stickers etc. at this stage, but if someone wanted to design some sort of logo-thing that we could download, that might work – home-made stickers, badges, etc. As for the bigwigs, why not? – a lot of lies have been told about climate change, and that’s exactly what we’re here to challenge. Again, let’s get the website up and then go for it.


  55. cornlegend permalink

    The ABC currently have a questionnaire they will be using to inform their election coverage. Get in there and fill out the form and let them know you want answers before the election, not after it.
    The questionnaire is here

  56. Selton permalink

    I think we need to look at one network,The Seven Network would be a good start, What do we actually want them to do ,what are they doing wrong, we could go to the Press Council webb site and find out what they actually term biased reporting,do we send a petition to them or the Advertisers,I think I will do a draught and see we
    have I beleive about two months ,you never know The Seven Network may get wind of it and may do something to cut us off at the pass…

    • Hi Selton. Do you ever sleep?
      Seriously, though – I think you’re right to think of concentrating on one commercial network, but it would be truly wonderful if we could have someone(s) keeping an eye on ABC TV and local radio.

      So, in your case, which commercial TV Chanel should it be? The quick answer must be, ‘the worst offender’. I’m sorry to say that I don’t watch much TV, and NO commercial telly – the closest I ever get is being in the kitchen while the TV’s on in the loungeroom, so I’m not the best person to advise you. However, off the top of my head, I can suggest a couple of things for you to be getting on with. 1. Go with channel 7 if that’s the one you’re most likely to be watching anyway. 2. Keep a diary of any news or current affairs items that you believe are ‘unfair’ and make a note of what you objected to.(If you’re able to record programmes and check back for exact wording, that would be brilliant.) At the same time make a list of those advertisers who are showing their ads on these programmes. If you could keep a record for a couple of days and then let us know how you’re going, we could then think about the next step.

  57. Selton permalink

    If you look on the Press Council webb site you will find information relating to Polls and in this I am refer to Questions being ask ,If The Seven Network does not follow the Press Council guide lines that could be an avenue in which to say we beleive if that standard isnt met by their own Governing body ,and you do set a high standard but you are prepared to use an Agent that is of a lower standard than yourself,then I will look for Alternatives if they do not change ,I beleive it would be in your interest to inform them what your Customers think , The Press Council has said they will not act on the Seven Conroy spred in the News Limited papers but that is one way that we could get at them,it may not change their biased reporting but it will tell them that people are starting to mobiles ,and you are getting them to do something they dont want to do

    • Selton, Thanks for all this. But let’s not get ahead of ourselves. My long-ago scientific training taught me to observe first and foremost. Let’s not cross our bridges before we get there. I think it would be great if someone would come forward and offer to work with you – your enthusiasm is wonderful.

      So let’s begin at the beginning. We need instances of rotten, lying, misleading news coverage before anything else can happen. We need specific information.

      Meanwhile, take care and good luck with the good work.

      By the way, yes the polls themselves can be geared to mislead, and we know that they very often are. It’s not just in the questions and the way they are asked – it’s also in the fact that landlines are used and particular prefixes preferred.


  58. cornlegend permalink

    not sure where to post this.
    2 pages ,same title.
    re Getup, and the “colour codes.”
    Getup are ok.
    I’m signed up.
    A bunch of like minded people, on issues.
    Won’t get too far off the middle of the road path though.
    Never seem too interested in the grubbier issues, ie, Slipper, Brough,Abbott Parenting Allowance cuts.etc
    no conspiracy there.

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