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Fair Media Alliance: New Website

March 29, 2013

As of this morning, our new website is ready to roll. Here is a copy of the opening blog on the new site.

Welcome everybody to our new webpage which I now have the pleasure of declaring open (in a most elementary way) for business – the business of exposing and effectively opposing bias and misdirection in the media. (Offstage, sound of cheap champagne bottle breaking against the hull of flimsy new ship as she slides into the wide, wide ocean.)

This time last week we didn’t exist. Now we do. Now we have a brand new, empty website waiting for us all to do our bit to get all those empty pages ticking over and all those links linking.

So, welcome to everyone who has already registered their support and interest at whatever level. Some of you have taken me under your wings and guided me step by step to this point. You know who you are. May the guidance continue! Others have simply taken the trouble to wish us well. My heartfelt thanks to all of you. From now on I hope there’ll be no more ‘me’ – that ‘we’ can now proceed.

I’ll be delighted, of course, to devote my free time to this project, but I’m visualising a future where I’ll be ‘making the tea and washing the dishes’ for this wonderful enterprise. I’m not ‘leadership material’ – anyone who knows me would tell you that! And anyway, we mightn’t need it. Let’s just see how things develop, and be prepared to adjust our stride if and when it becomes apparent that we need to.

Meanwhile, I’ll continue to do whatever I can, and whatever seems necessary, with your support. Let’s do it.

I realise that this intitial post has been a rara! sort of thing – not much in the way of meat and potatoes, especially for new visitors. Let me refer our new people to the old website that I resurrected in a desperate moment last Saturday night to get things started. ( And found the most extraordinary response – beyond my wildest dreams – the latest stats on the old site are telling me that no fewer than 481 visits were registered the day after – Sunday, 24 March.)

Anyway, that’s where you’ll find ‘the story so far’. Follow the posts titled Media Accountability… The comments are the main thing.

Once again, welcome and thanks,

Kate Ahearne

Meat and potatoes to follow.

PS  There’s a very interesting article by Gay Alcorn in The Age this morning – titled ‘Gillard is not the only one with a credibility problem’. Alcorn suggests that the media have lost THEIR credibility, and argues her case very well. I did get the feeling that she might have been holding back just a little on her commitment to her point of view, but it’s a very important piece of journalism in the current climate.  Good for her!  Is the edifice of Media Unaccountability starting to crumble?  At least some mainstream journalists are starting to speak out.

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